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Should you hire a destination wedding planner or a destination wedding travel agent?

As a boutique destination wedding travel agency that offers BOTH services, we think we can provide some clarity if you are unsure of what you really need. 



If you are new around here (or found us on Pinterest!), Something Azul Destination Weddings is a small travel agency based near Calgary, Alberta and we help couples and their guests all across Canada plan (and book!) beautiful destination weddings. 

We are often asked our favourite destinations and wedding locations, and to be honest? We love so many all inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean. You can read more about why choosing an all inclusive wedding is easiest for your guests here or contact us to set up a free consultation here. We are happy to discuss more about the different options on the phone, but for now, a quick overview of what each package includes and doesn’t include so you can decide what would be a better fit for you!

Destination Wedding Travel Agent

With this package, we still walk you through the first step of choosing a location and resort that matches your wish list. We have personally toured 100’s of resorts so we often have first hand knowledge of the destination you have in mind. 

Once a location has been chosen, we work with you to find an airline partner that will offer you and your guests a great group rate and then introduce you to the resort on-site wedding planner, who you can then iron out the details with. Most of the time, the resort won’t start working with you until 3 months before, which can be a little nerve-wracking but honestly, they are professionals and will make you feel like you have been planning for the whole year once you get there.

We help with all of this for a very small fee, as a majority of our income comes from travel commission from the airlines and hotels (at no extra cost for you of course). It’s truly a win-win for couples who want a little expert guidance from someone who has “been there” and wants support for their guests so they can book in easily but doesn’t necessarily have the desire or budget to work with someone to plan the wedding.

Full Service Destination Wedding Planning

We have been known to stuff welcome bags and source unique local artists and favours in your destination! This is a more intimate experience where we plan the details of your wedding day together. The planning fee ranges depending on your needs, but we do offer monthly payment plans as well to help with budgeting.

Although resort details still can’t be ironed out until a few months before, we work with you to space out the major decisions so when the time comes, you feel excited and prepared. If working with an on site coordinator all over email makes you feel nervous, this package would be a great investment for you. You’ll TRULY feel like you had a wedding planning experience.

With this comes the option of us traveling down with you on your wedding day to make sure everything is executed just as we planned. We love seeing everything come together as much as you do! And yes, we already know all your guests by then because we will also be the travel agents. Just as a bonus! We know there are some destination wedding planners who DON’T handle the travel, but we love being able to take care of absolutely everything. We think you’ll love it too.

What’s the next step?

If you are from Canada, we would love to work with you! Contact us here to receive 10% off of your destination wedding and we can get started scheduling your complimentary consultation.