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The average price of an all inclusive resort wedding

Wondering what the average price of an all inclusive resort wedding is? Even though this depends on SO many factors (which is why we suggest you hire us as your destination wedding planners), we know that sometimes it helps to just have a starting point. So here, we attempt to break down what you can expect when planning your destination wedding. Although this can be applied to many different locations, we primarily specialize in all-inclusive resort weddings, in beach destinations like Jamaica, Dominican Republic and all over Mexico.


Destination Weddings are more affordable than local weddings


When we compare the average cost, you will find that destination weddings are a lot more affordable than local Canadian weddings (which in recent statistics is sitting just over $35,000). One thing to keep in mind though, is that a destination wedding guest count is often significantly less (although not always!). When you want to save money, it usually comes down to two things: guest list and food. Another unfair comparison that we often see is people comparing the price of local buffet catering to a three or four course plated dinner.

Don’t get us wrong, there are certainly ways to save money when planning your destination wedding, but these are common things that we like to get out of the way right at the beginning. The easiest way to save money (and avoid wasting it) is definitely working with a Certified Destination Wedding Travel Agent from the beginning who is familiar with your destination!


The average cost of a 30 person destination wedding


Most wedding packages at all-inclusive resorts will include between 20-40 guests and the average price tends to sit around $3000-$5000USD for a basic set up. If you are having a private reception (which we strongly encourage), you can expect to pay between $75-$110USD/person above the number of guests included in the standard package. For a guest list of 50 people, we see an average budget fall between $10,000 and $20,000. Like a local wedding though, we see couples throw weddings for a lot less and a lot more. Keep in mind this range does not include the cost of travel.

For destination wedding planning services, everything is custom to quote but the total cost is typically around $3000.00CAD. We also offer monthly payment plans to help make budgeting a bit more affordable throughout the year.


Factoring in your travel budget for your destination wedding


Wondering how much you should budget for travel? There are a few things to consider when choosing a travel budget for you and your guests. First, keep in mind, that group rates can’t be compared to an infamous “last minute deal”. Although most of our suppliers have price drop guarantees and special group rates, you won’t find a quality resort for $1500/person out of Canada. On average, couples book group rates at about $1850/person and out of Western Canada, that number increases.

After doing this for several years, we have found consistently that with a budget of between $1800-$2000/person, you can expect to find a very nice 4 star resort during “shoulder season”. Shoulder season is considered to be April-June and November-first two weeks of December. These are some of the most affordable months to travel that still usually see decent weather. And of course, we always compare different airlines to make sure we are getting our couples the lowest price with the best perks.


Looking for a Canadian destination wedding travel agent and/or destination wedding planner?


If you are planning your destination wedding, we would love to chat. Based in Calgary and Cochrane, our team is made up of award-winning and WPIC certified destination wedding planners. Whether you want full destination wedding planning and design, or a travel agent who is responsive and knowledgable about different resorts and their wedding packages, we would love to chat further. Reach out here to get started!