Puerto Vallarta Wedding Ceremony

The first steps to planning your destination wedding

We are so happy that you found your way here ! Planning a destination can be so overwhelming in the beginning but that is why it is SO important to get yourself started on the right foot. When you are ready, you can contact us for your free consultation and then we can get started!


Do you need a destination wedding planner or a destination wedding travel agent?


We offer both services and we can understand why it might be a bit confusing! For our destination wedding travel agent packages,  we help our couples find a resort that matches their wish list. Once we have the resort chosen, we then request group rates from tour operators (airlines) so that we can make sure they get the best travel rate (ideally with the most perks). From there, we help our couples save the date at the resort and virtually introduce them to the on site coordinator. All of the details are then confirmed with the wedding planning team on site, typically 2-3 months before the wedding.

For couples who want to space out their wedding planning a bit more, and feel overwhelmed at the idea of working with the on site coordinator (the rumours you have heard of long response times can be very true!), we recommend adding on destination wedding planning. For this option, couples work with us directly to plan their wedding and we take care of all the communication directly with the resort. We even travel with you to make sure everything is executed exactly as you wanted.

By the way – adding planning is more affordable than you might think. Click here to book your consultation for more details.


Choosing a venue & travel plans

The very first step (after hiring your destination wedding travel agent or planner), is to actually choose the resort you want to get married at. This is when you’ll be glad you hired someone who has actually BEEN to the different destinations and resorts you are considering. When we work with our couples, we first have an in depth conversation about exactly what they are envisioning, and then present our top resort options that are going to match their wish list.

Being based in Canada, a majority of our destination weddings happen all over Mexico and in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. That is because it is where we have the most direct flight options. Sometimes we have couples dreaming of Turks and Caicos, only to be turned off by a forced overnight layover each way. Something to keep in mind when choosing your destination!


Saving the date


It might seem obvious, but after you chose a venue and airline to book your group package with, the next step is actually saving the date! This process is two-steps, but we make it easy for you don’t worry. In order to save the date with the resort, you will need to place a deposit which ranges between $250-$1000USD. This not only saves your date but also you ideal venues at the resort if they have more than one (or host more than one wedding per day).

With the airline, they often require a deposit from your and your fiancé of about $300/person ($600 total) and then your guests have 90 days to put down their own deposit to secure the group rate. Guests can still book after that date of course, but the contracted price is often subject to change. At Something Azul, we also allow your guests to set up payment plans to make budgeting easier. The final payment is often due 60-90 days before the departure date.


Ready for the next step?


Contact us to set up a complimentary consultation. We are ready and waiting to help you take your first and next steps toward your dream destination wedding. Our motto? If you can dream it, we can plan it.